We will Be back Soon

CubeLab Media will be on a temporary hiatus until we can get the lab in order. Please bear with us!


Game Reviews

We’re going to be looking at games and figuring out what we like and don’t like about them. Everything from story, game mechanics, graphics, and UI.

Let's Play Through It

With the plethora of games we own, we want to sit down and play through them to give you the full experience so you can sit back and enjoy!

And more ...

We have much more up our sleeves than mentioned! We’re not just gamers, but we love reading, geeky things, movies … we would love to give reviews and information to encourage you all!

From the blog

We’re not dead, we’re revisioning

Do you hear those crickets? See the tumbleweed rolling by. Realizing it’s been almost a year since we’ve had an update, there is only one thing we can do. We admit defeat.  Don’t get me wrong, CubeLab Media has not called it quits. It hasn’t... read more

Marcus Update – Wire frames and whiteboards

We’re not afraid to admit that we’re pretty new to this game development realm. We’re web developers and designers. It’s a whole new beast, creating a video game. What we can say is planning a video game can be like making an enterprise level... read more

Seems To Be an Epidemic of Slothfulness

Let’s be honest here. You already knew we’re all over the map. It’s not like this is new. Jon and I have been hard at work. Not productive on what we want to do, but hard at work. We have a 9-5 day job that takes a lot of our creative and cognitive... read more

Where did everyone go!?

It’s 2015, and CubeLab Media seems to be M.I.A – doesn’t it? The last official post was in November, and according to our LabMeetings (you are watching these, right?) we said we plan on doing more. So where are we? Well, Jon went and, on December 9,... read more

LabMeeting: Dec 19, 2014

Jon and Tadd meet up again on Google Hangouts to talk more about MARCUS, Unity3D, Blender, GRDevNight and random other tidbits in LabMeeting Dec 19. How many is this now? We’re on a roll! [creativ_media type=”youtube”... read more

The 2014 Winter Clean-up begins!

Hello, friends! Today, I’d like to announce, we’re officially cleaning up this site. It’s been kind of sparse, as well as unfocused. It’s time we roll up our sleeves and get things moving! We need to get a better focus on what we’re achieving, and produce more... read more

Projecting Thoughts On Digital Paper

There are those days where you feel as if you can take the world by storm. Nothing can stop you. The door rips off the hinges as you bolt from your room, heart pumping excitedly. Then there are days in which the alarm goes off way earlier than you recall setting it.... read more

LabMeeting Oct 17, 2014

[creativ_media type=”youtube” url=”http://youtu.be/-wMDgLEG2k4″]   Jon and Tadd talk about branding of CubeLab Media, Unity tutorials, Blender, Project X and more in this new Lab Meeting!   read more

Vaporware: Apologies from the lab

Everybody gets annoyed when a company announces an amazing game, software, or piece of hardware but then never follows through on it. I have backed Kickstarter campaigns myself that have all gone the way of the dodo. We affectionately call this type of product... read more

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