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It’s been quiet, too quiet.

So we realize that we’ve been very absent of late. Some may even wonder if we’re even working on anything anymore, if we’ve died, if aliens abducted us and then after being annoyed with...

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LabCast Episode #1

While we’ve been quiet, there has been movement behind the scenes. As you wait for more awesomeness from the Lab, give a listen in as I give the first ever “podCast” posted on YouTube! Once...

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Delays in the air

Our first experiment, titled ‘Air AAHHH!!!!‘ is being delayed a few weeks due to previous engagements. Much is already completely, but there are still things to iron out.  We’re disappointed, but still excited to...

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Itch: The Dark Deed

“Give us yer money, or we’ll slit yer throats!” the leader of the brigands threatened in a low growl. His short sword waving menacingly at two travelers, the blade sharp and gleaming in the...

What’s new at the lab 0

What’s new at the lab

It’s already a quarter through 2014 and there has been little or no news from the lab. It’s as if a black hole spontaneously opened and sucked up all the projects, leaving no news...

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Letter to the Crew of UGSA Explorer

Congratulations, Crew of UGSA Explorer! On behalf of the entire human race, we want to thank you for your dedication and passion for exploring the stars. Our world is in peril. After hundreds and...

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum wireframes 0

Old Asylum – Work In Progress

I decided to start a new project in Blender today. I found a pretty awesome photo by “Project Mayhem” from historical Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia. The picture is really lovely. So I couldn’t...

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Low Poly Imagery: Oh how fun it is!

The low poly artwork style has become one of the newest fads to hit the 3D world. It’s a faux-illustrative style that uses flat colors and very little heavy detail. It often feels like...

Hello Hydro Game Update 0

Hello Hydro Game Update

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I’ve been off and on not really giving much updates to anything I’ve been working on. Shame on me. However, there is some small updates on the game, Hello Hydro. This platform style game...